The Director of First Impressions

I am just back from a great few days in Toronto. In addition to visiting the folks at EQ HQ (also known as Multi-Health Systems (MHS)) and becoming certified in a brand new assessment, the Risk Type Compass (more on that below), I also took the time to be a tourist for a day. There were too many highlights to mention, but the most fun of the day was a tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery which sits in a restored heritage building under the shadow of the CN Tower.

During the tour we were shown around the office area where the good folks at Steam Whistle make sure that the amazing beer brewed on site gets marketed, sold, shipped, and paid for. Apart from having one of the hippest work spaces I have ever seen, I was struck by a sign on the front reception desk. Instead of some dull job title, it said exactly what the job did, and at the same time showed just how important that role is. Indeed, as we stood there with the tour group, the ‘Director of First Impressions’ got a call that was answered with all the energy enthusiasm of someone who loves their job and represents the company to the outside world.

Of course the job title can be somewhat misleading. The ‘Director’ likely speaks to many people multiple times – its not always a first impression. And then again it is. It might be the first time that day, or even that hour. I am betting that the Director answers every call, and meets every visitor, with the same enthusiasm whether its the first time or the fiftieth.

As consultants, coaches, and leaders we are all our very own ‘Director of First Impressions’. It caused me to reflect on what kind of first impression I am making in my own work with clients, and the same time I would encourage you to do the same. And, if you get to interact with me at any point, feel free to let me know how I am doing!

P.S I am very excited to announce that I will soon be providing certification courses for a brand new tool (to North America) called the Risk Type Compass. It’s a scientifically valid assessment that provides insight into people’s risk orientation, a factor that can influence decision making which as we know is a key area of emotional intelligence. Stay tuned for more information, or drop me a line to receive an invitation to a free ‘Early Adopter’ webinar in December where I will provide an overview of the tool, the certification process, and examples of how it can be used with clients. Space will be limited to ensure that it’s an interactive session with lots of opportunity for Q&A.

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