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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) serves as a cornerstone for effective leadership, recognizing the profound impact of one’s ability to understand and manage emotions in both personal and professional settings. It encompasses skills such as self-awareness, empathy, and relationship management, essential for building successful and collaborative teams. 

EQ-i leadership coaching is a transformative approach that focuses on enhancing an individual’s emotional intelligence (EQ) in the context of leadership development.

EQ360 leadership coaching takes this concept a step further by employing a comprehensive 360-degree feedback process. This coaching approach gathers input from various perspectives within an individual’s professional environment, providing a holistic view of their emotional intelligence strengths and areas for improvement. 

By leveraging this nuanced understanding, EQ-i and EQ360 coaching aims to guide leaders towards enhanced self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness. Through tailored strategies, thoughtful reflection, and practical exercises, leaders undergo a transformative journey, developing the emotional intelligence necessary for navigating the complexities of modern leadership with authenticity and impact.

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Cathy is a leadership coach and talent development executive with 25 years’ experience partnering with professionals to build leadership capabilities and team bench strength. She is a Certified EQ Coach, ACC, Human Capital Strategist, and holds an M.A. in Sociology. Cathy is a seasoned workshop facilitator, speaker and is certified in the EQ-i/EQ360 & Hogan Assessments. 

Cathy partners with individual leaders and teams, to ignite and sustain workplace success. She helps individuals foster strategies for greater innovation, professional results, and a healthy work/life synergy. 

Throughout her career, Cathy has provided leadership in the areas of organizational design and change, team effectiveness, technical and business process redesign, and performance and learning management. She has managed P&L for Client Services and People Operations. Cathy’s experience with Fortune 500 businesses, startups, tech, financial services, higher education, and the public sector uniquely equips her to generate next-level impact with her clients. 

Cathy has served on the Board for the Greater Austin Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and serves her community through coaching and advisory support with several mission-driven organizations. Her genuine enjoyment of people, food, travel, art, family, and humor keep her senses energized and life rewarding. 



Lee is a passionate and supportive coach who loves to learn and partner with others.  She completed her coaching program through the Co-Active Training Institute in 2013, as well as the Coaching out of the Box program in 2014, and is a certified EQ-i coach.  She was certified with the International Coaches Federation, and has a Masters in Education.

She holds certifications in a variety of leadership development courses and has facilitated many programs and teams to assist leaders to be their best, wherever they are at.  She worked in Organizational Development in a large Health Authority for six years and has extensive leadership and clinical experience in health care.   She loves the outdoors and spends time hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, and traveling with her husband. 

Lee has a fun and constructive sense of humour that allows her to playfully relieve tension, while building clarity. She is cool under pressure and is not knocked off balance by the unanticipated. Lee can be expected to use logic and heart to uncover hidden challenges and assist others to come up with effective solutions that enable them to move forward.  



Maja Karlsson is a leadership coach, organizational development professional and registered dietitian with a passion for making workplace environments thrive. Her 15 years of leadership experience equip her with the knowledge, skills and insight to deliver real change when and where it is needed.

Maja is committed to personal and professional development. She has an MA in Leadership from Royal Roads University (Victoria, Canada), is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and is accredited as an ACC through the International Coaches Federation (ICF).

She brings with her an extensive leadership and management background from the health care industry. Repeatedly taking on unique roles that have not been done before by others has given her the chance to work with senior leaders in innovative ways that challenge the status quo.

Maja embraces change and works closely with senior leaders to make lasting change that supports clients, employees and the organization as a whole. She is adept at developing new and innovative programs, and has had particular success in providing leadership training and development opportunities to middle and upper level managers.

She is described by those who work with her as thoughtful, genuine, perceptive, and not afraid to “call it like it is”.

EQ-i Coaching

$ 1495
  • EQ-i Self Assessment
  • Leadership Specific Report
  • 30 Minute Orientation
  • 1.5 Hour Debrief
  • 2 Additional 1-Hour Coaching Sessions
  • 30 Day Email Follow-Up
  • The EQ Edge E-book

EQ360 Coaching

$ 2195
  • EQ360 Multi-Rater Assessment
  • Leadership Specific Report
  • 30 Minute Orientation
  • 1.5 Hour Debrief
  • 3 Additional 1-Hour Coaching Sessions
  • 30 Day Email Follow-Up
  • The EQ Edge E-book

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