Is your organization ready for what comes next?

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that no matter how detailed or thorough our planning might be, it is our ability to adapt to changing conditions that determine success.

History is littered with companies that failed to adapt quickly enough, but individuals and organizations that CAN and DO adapt first, and effectively, gain a competitive advantage.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, that advantage could mean:

  • Attracting or retaining the best talent
  • Creating the healthiest workplaces
  • Providing better products or services

For individuals and organizations looking to gain a competitive edge, there is a new way to understand and explore adaptability – the AQme and AQTeam assessments. 

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Today, teams have no choice but to adapt and change. If you are wondering how to best support your people and organization through that rapid change, you are not alone.

The AQ approach is based on three domains

How and to what degree do I adapt?

Who adapts and why?

When does someone adapt and to what degree?

Watch the video for an overview of the AQ concept and an exploration of the AQai model

Certified AQai Foundation Partner

We are proud to be one of only two AQai certification partners in Canada and the US. We run AQ Level 1 Foundation Certification programs throughout the year and offer AQ Assessments to individuals and organizations.

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