Are you looking for an engaging speaker who will challenge your audience to think in new and different ways about emotional intelligence, how it impacts their day-to-day leadership, and provide practical strategies that can be applied immediately?

“It was a pleasure to have Drew present at one of our workshops. He is a very dynamic and engaging speaker with a great sense of humor who has an effective way to teach the emotional intelligence concepts in a fun and practical way. The feedback we received from participants was very positive”


Luis R – Senior Director, National Professional Association

Are you looking for a speaker with a depth of knowledge coupled with real-world practical experience gained through more than 2 decades of working with some of the best known organizations in the world like Microsoft, the United Nations, Vanguard Investments, CrimeStoppers, and The National Energy Board?


Drew Bird, Founder, Principal, and EQ Master Trainer, is an accomplished keynote and breakout session presenter who has spoken at national conferences, regional chapter meetings, local business events, and private client groups.

Through his interactive, engaging style, and drawing from real-world organizational experience, Drew helps individuals in the audience to see their own role in creating vibrant, healthy teams, and productive and engaging workplaces. Participants leave the room with practical, actionable advice that they can use to become more emotionally effective.

Using humour, and relatable examples, Drew helps audiences to take emotional intelligence from a vague, abstract topic, and translate it into practical, everyday applications.

Karen Bowen

Karen Bowen, Senior Partner, is an experienced and respected speaker and breakout presenter. Her energy and ability to engage her audiences in fun, hands on sessions with concrete learning outcomes provides value for all attendees. Karen believes that sustainable organizational results center around People, Process, and Possibility and her sessions enable participants to explore how their mindsets, behaviors and patterns impact culture and workplace satisfaction.

Karen has spoken in front of diverse business fields from front-line employees through to mid and executive level leaders to foster positive workplace culture and organizational effectiveness.

Practicing a holistic approach to leadership and presentations, Karen connects mindfulness, conscious choice, solid human system theory and practical actions that participants take back to their workplaces.

Explore Several of Our Most Popular Topics...

The Emotionally Effective Leader


When people think of great leadership, it rarely hinges on the leader’s ability to demonstrate technical skills or knowledge. Great leadership is about how a leader engages those around them, remains true to their word, and supports both individual and team growth. It’s also about the leader’s willingness to take action, deal with the everyday “tough stuff”, and not avoid the difficult situations. Drew will explore how emotional intelligence supports these key leadership behaviors and will provide real-world examples to demonstrate. Participants will walk away having identified specific areas of focus to grow in their leadership abilities and with practical exercises for development.

This topic is based on a 50-75 minute presentation

Better Decision-Making Through EI


As human beings, and leaders, we make hundreds of decisions every single day. Some decisions are more easily made than others, but having a better understanding of your own decision-making process is key to making decisions with more ease and confidence. By first understanding how we make decisions and then looking at the role of emotional intelligence in the decision-making process, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their relative strengths and opportunities for growth in their own decision-making style. Drew will explore specific strategies for improving decision-making processes and will provide participants with practical tips that they can apply immediately. Participants will walk away feeling empowered in their decision-making abilities and eager to implement these new strategies.

This topic is based on a 50-75 minute presentation.

What Does Your Team Really Want?


Do you know what your team is really looking for in a leader? Do you understand what energizes, motivates, and inspires them? The truth may be surprising. Drew will draw from his own personal experience, as well as “Follower-Centric” theories of leadership, to explore the complexity of the Leader-Follower relationship. Using real-world examples, he will delve into why we each define great leadership differently. Drew will also explore the elements that have come to be accepted as the cornerstones of effective leadership practice. Participants will walk away with a clearer understanding of what their team is really looking for in a leader, as well as action steps and motivation to improve their leadership style and abilities.

This topic is based on a 50-75 minute presentation.

*All presentations can be made in lecture or workshop format.
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