AQ Level 1 Foundation Certification | June 15 & 29 2022


Help companies, leaders, and their teams adapt through rapid change so they thrive in uncertain times.

If you’re a coach, consultant or practitioner who wants to support your clients using leading-edge adaptability tools, assessments, and training so you can transform the way people and organizations adapt to change, keep reading to learn more about the AQ Certification.

When you go through the AQai Certification you will learn how to interpret the data to support people and teams through rapid growth and transformation.

You will discover how the AQ model can help you drive the success of the companies you work with…especially in uncertain times.

  • Learn about Adaptability – how it’s defined, how we measure it, and why.

  • Dive deeper into different concepts and the reason why Adaptability has become the Number 1 Demand Skill Employees want in 2021, according to Forbes.

  • Learn about The AQ Model and the fundamentals of the research behind it.

The Science behind the AQ Assessment

The AQ Model is thoroughly ground in psychology (specifically trait activation theory and a contingent behavior model) and recognizes that adaptability is the complex interplay between a person’s ability, character, and environment.

    • Employees have a unique preference and way they adapt, which is relatively stable and based on their character.
    • Nonetheless, the model recognizes that employees can build up their ability (via resources or skills) to adapt more effectively.
    • Moreover, the environment (for example, support in the workplace, or emotional health) boosts or limits how and when employees adapt.

Check out a sample AQme and AQTeam Report



Complete your own AQ Assessment


Meet your AQ Master Trainer and cohort group for a 2-hour virtual session to start your certification program


Complete 8 hours of on-demand learning content at your own pace over a 2 week period


Reconnect with your AQ Master Trainer and cohort for another 2-hour live session to review the online learning you completed and share feedback


Upon completion of the program you will have exclusive access to the AQ Partner Portal and all the resources you need to share AQ Assessments with your clients

Our Next Certification Program - Online - June 15/29 2022

AQ Level 1 Foundation Certification
June 15/29, 2022


June 15 – 8am to 10am PST Live Virtual Kick-off

June 15 – 29 – Complete online learning modules at your own pace

June 29 – 8am to 10am PST Live Virtual Wrap-up

Online, instructor-led, attend from anywhere.

Meet Your Trainers

One of our primary goals here at The EQ Development Group is to help coaches and consultants to become an authority in the application of emotional intelligence tools and assessments. We are particularly passionate about helping you to support your clients in becoming more emotionally effective – i.e. not just to have knowledge on emotional intelligence but to actually feel confident integrating emotional intelligence tools in their work. We bring a broad range of practical experience as established leadership and organization development practitioners, as well as hands-on senior leadership experience – so yes, we walk the walk as well as talk the talk!

If you have questions about becoming certified in AQ, please drop either of us a line – or

Drew Bird, MSc, MA

Karen Bown, MA, BA

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