Leadership Skills Workshops

Effective leadership skills are essential for achieving success in both individual and organizational goals. Leaders must be able to communicate effectively, build relationships, inspire and motivate their team, and make sound decisions. Developing leadership skills helps individuals to become better at these tasks, leading to increased productivity and improved performance. It also fosters a culture of trust, accountability, and innovation, which are critical for driving change and achieving long-term success. Investing in leadership skills development is, therefore, an investment in personal and organizational growth, which can ultimately lead to better outcomes and greater impact.

Great leaders continually work on themselves to reach new and ever increasing levels of performance. Our leadership skills workshops are designed to equip leaders with the skills required to be successful in their roles on a day-to-day basis. Outcomes include:

  • Understanding of oneself
  • Skill development in key leadership competencies
  • Agility in leveraging differences
  • Acumen to determine wise actions in complex contexts
  • Knowledge in fostering accountable and productive teams
  • Confidence in leadership abilities
MLH Model 500

Our leadership skills workshops cover a broad range of topics based on our leadership competency model. With a blend of in-person workshops, virtual sessions, and group coaching, leaders move through a process of learning and discovery.

Organizations choose the competencies (see model to the left) and assessments (Emotional Intelligence, Adaptability, MBTI, Strengths, etc.) they want to focus on and the combination of in-person and virtual sessions that works for their team. Workshops can be run as single sessions or combined into custom programs from 3 months to 1 year depending on the teams needs.

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