Hardiness Resilience Gauge Certification

Help Leaders And Team Members Understand And Develop Their Resilience

Support Leaders To Develop Strategies To Embrace Change, Deal With Uncertainty, And Increase Their Sense Of Purpose

Maintain Your ICF Certification With 3 CEU's and 1.5 RDU's

Grounded in extensive research, the HRG focuses on the three C’s – Challenge, Control, and Commitment.

The three C’s of Hardiness represent that those high in hardiness believe they have control over the events they experience, see the world as meaningful and interesting and view challenges as growth opportunities.

Use the HRG to increase an understanding of hardiness in both leaders and team members, and to help them build stronger, more resilient teams.

New To HRG?

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Get certified and give yourself a unique competitive advantage!

Certification in the Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG) assessment means you can administer and debrief the HRG with individual leaders in one-on-one coaching settings, or work with groups of leaders in interactive workshops.

Certification will prepare you to be successful in both situations, and includes detailed information and scripts that guides you through the process. You’ll also receive a facilitator guide and presentation slides for a half-day workshop based on the Hardiness Resilience Gauge that you can use, royalty and payment free, as many times as you want to.

What does certification include?

  • Access to the Hardiness Resilience Gauge
  • An online curriculum that enables you to do your entire certification from the comfort of your home or office
  • The ability to take the assessment yourself and get feedback from an experienced coach
  • Facilitator guide, slide presentation, and other resources that enable you to run your own workshop
  • Access to the Hardiness Resilience Gauge assessment so you can use it with your clients.
  • A companion book – Hardiness: Making Stress Work for You to Achieve Your Life Goals, By Steven J. Stein and Paul T. Bartone.
  • Ongoing support from our team of experienced practitioners.

How Does The Certification Process Work?

Get certified in the Hardiness Resilience Gauge through one-on-one coaching, or join one of our group workshops run throughout the year.

  • Self-paced eLearning pre-work.
  • 90 Minute 1-1 Coaching Call
  • Facilitator Guide and PowerPoint Presentation so you can run HRG Debrief and Development Sessions With Your Clients.
  • Access to resources on the Hardiness concept, and Resilience in General
  • Email support with a certified Master Trainer for the entire duration of the certification process and for 60 days following the course.

Work 1-1 with Karen Bowen, HRG Master Trainer, and get certified at a time that works for you!

One-on-One Certification

One-on-One Certification

Work 1-1 with HRG Master Trainer, Karen Bowen

Schedule at a time that works for your schedule.

Tailored discussion to your needs/situations.



I’m Karen Bowen, Hardiness Resilience Gauge Master Trainer at The EQ Development Group. One of my primary goals is to help you become an authority in the application of the psychometric tools and assessments in your daily practice. I’m particularly passionate about helping you to support your clients in becoming more effective leaders, and I believe that tools like the Hardiness Resilience Gauge can help you do just that.

With over 20 years’ of experience in leadership, learning, and organizational development, I have a foundational belief that we are accountable for our experience and empowered in the choices we make.

I look forward to working with you! If you have any questions, drop me a line (karen@eqdevgroup.com) or Book Your Free No Obligation Discovery Call Now!


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